Stuc-O-Flex International - MoistureGuard

Stuc-O-Flex “RENEW” Elastomeric Acrylic Finish

MPI (master painters institute) Approval Number / Section #113

RENEW” is an elastomeric topcoat similar in appearance to your typical latex paint, while providing substantial elastomeric properties in a pre-colored, extremely durable weathering membrane . 
RENEW is a water-based pure acrylic formulation identical to Stuc-O-Flex finish excluding aggregate. It provides maximum crack bridging ability in a Low VOC paint type coating, with thermo-plastic and elastomeric properties allowing building movement while maximizing resistance against cracks.
No product contains more pure acrylic polymer than RENEW. In fact we blend different polymers together creating just the right balance of stretchability and strength. 
The product is thoroughly tested by independent laboratories against water penetration, wind driven rain, mold, mildew, salt spray, freeze thaw cycles, accelerated weathering, vapor permeability and bond strength. Even classifies as “Class A Fire Rated”.
This coating creates a beautiful new appearance in any color providing years of service life absent any required maintenance – you’ll truly never have to paint again. Regardless of climate this resilient finish provides a stretchable barrier against water penetration and is perfect for new construction or enhancement of existing walls. “Your Project Justifies This Quality Product”


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